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12 Ton Waterfall Type Hydraulic Winch in The Philippines

12 ton waterfall type double drum hydraulic winch has been successfully installed on customer’s boat. The Aicrane service team was there to ensure the fast, reliable and smooth installation and operation of the winch. The customer was very satisfied with our product and service, and said he will continue to work with us.

12 Ton Hydraulic Winch For Sale
12 Ton Hydraulic Winch

Waterfall Winch Price
Waterfall Winch

For winches with double drum or triple drum, they can be designed in waterfall arrangement for saving space. Waterfall winch can be designed for mooring, towing, positioning, anchor handling, etc. according to customer requirements. There are various control options for customers to choose from. The winch is designed with spooling device for better rope arrangement.

Take a look at the video showing the test run of 12t waterfall hydraulic winch:

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