10T And 20T Semi Gantry Cranes in Uzbekistan

BMH 10 tons and 20 tons semi gantry cranes are installed in our customer facility Uzbekistan. These semi gantry cranes are equipped with electric chain hoists, which have strong ease of use, and can speed up work, improve safety and extend the service life of equipment. Aicrane semi gantry crane is highly adaptable, durable, and ideal for fast-paced workshops, workstations and production lines.

10 Ton And 20 Ton Semi Gantry Cranes
10 Ton And 20 Ton Semi Gantry Cranes

Aicrane supplies different kinds of lifting equipment to meet various lifting requirements of specific workshops, warehouses, storage yards, etc. The main crane products include: overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, electric hoists, winches, travel lifts, etc. We offer ideal solutions for a variety of lifting applications, perfectly combining efficiency and safety in the crane equipment.

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