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10 Ton Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane Exported to UAE

Aicrane DTL 10 ton rubber tyred gantry crane will be exported to UAE. The crane has been produced and assembled in our factory, and is undergoing a test run. The rubber tyre gantry crane UAE is used to repair valves indoors, and the operation modes are straight forward and backward.

The DTL series gantry crane is a single-beam electric rubber tired gantry crane equipped with European style electric hoist. We also provide a variety of other rubber tire cranes to meet different working conditions of customers, including double-beam rubber tired gantry crane, hydraulic rubber tyred gantry crane, rubber tyre gantry crane with chain hoist, etc.

10 Ton Rubber Tired Gantry Crane to UAE
10 Ton Rubber Tired Gantry Crane to UAE

10T Rubber Tyred Crane With European Hoist
10T Rubber Tyred Crane With European Hoist

Steering Mechanism
Steering Mechanism

Test Run of The 10 Ton Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

The video below is about the test run of this rubber tire crane in our factory. Our rubber tyred gantry cranes are of high quality and each crane is tested before leaving the factory to ensure that each product is efficient and reliable.

Mode of Operation

In this case, the UAE customer requires the 10t rubber tyred gantry crane to travel straight forward and backward. In addition, our rubber tire cranes have a variety of other operating modes to meet the different working conditions of customers, including: 90-degree lateral movement, oblique movement, pivot steering, Ackerman steering, forward swing and retral swing.

You can watch the 3D video below to learn more about the single-beam electric rtg cranes.

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