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10 Ton Overhead Crane Exported to Russia

Aicrane AQ-QDX 10 ton overhead crane was exported to Russia. This is our European standard double girder overhead crane, with frequency conversion operation, span 22.5m and lifting height 12m. The 10t overhead crane will be installed in our customer’s factory for lifting and moving equipment and steel structures. Keep reading for more information.

10 Ton Overhead Crane Exported To Russia
10 Ton Overhead Crane Exported To Russia

Production of The Russia 10 Ton Overhead Crane

After receiving the order of the 10 ton overhead crane, our factory immediately started production. There is also a QC team to inspect equipment quality and production progress. During the production process, Aicrane customer service team also updated the production progress and production photos for customer in time to ensure they could keep abreast of production progress and conditions.

Production of 10 Ton Overhead Crane
Production of 10 Ton Overhead Crane

Packaging And Delivery of 10T Overhead Crane to Russia

The steel structures of the 10 ton overhead crane are generally plastic film packaging for rain protection. Electrical and other small spare parts are packaged in standard export fumigation wooden boxes and reinforced by steel plates in case of any damage. For transportation, we have a professional shipping department that can assist customers with transportation matters.

Delivery of 10T Overhead Crane to Russia
Delivery of 10T Overhead Crane to Russia

Features of European Standard 10 Ton Overhead Crane

  • The European standard double girder overhead crane adopts the lightweight design concept, with small wheel pressure, small limit size, reliable performance and compact structure.
  • The reducer of the hoisting mechanism is a hard tooth surface reducer, which has the characteristics of high transmission precision, high safety and compact size.
  • The trolley adopts frequency conversion motor and welding drum, which is safer and more reliable.
  • The trolley travelling mechanism adopts a three-in-one geared motor with a compact structure.
AQ-QDX European Standard Double Girder Overhead Crane
AQ-QDX European Standard Double Girder Overhead Crane

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