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10 Ton Electric Transfer Cart On The Way to Uzbekistan

Aicrane 10 ton electric transfer cart was on the way to Uzbekistan. This is our AQ-KPJ series that is powered by cable drum, running speed 30m/min, dimension 6*2*0.65m, wheelbase 1525mm, with handle and remote control.

10 Ton Electric Transfer Cart To Uzbekistan
10 Ton Electric Transfer Cart On The Way To Uzbekistan

What Is The Use of The 10 Ton Electric Transfer Cart?

The client company in Uzbekistan is engaged in the oil and gas, industrial and civil construction industries. We have worked with them several times before, supplying multiple overhead cranes and gantry cranes for their business. This time they ordered a 10 ton transfer cart to use in their factory area to transfer various materials.

10 Ton Electric Transfer Cart For Sale
10 Ton Electric Transfer Cart
10 Ton Transfer Cart to Uzbekistan
10 Ton Transfer Cart to Uzbekistan
Transfer Cart Control System
Transfer Cart Control System

How Does the AQ-KPJ Electric Transfer Cart Work?

The AQ-KPJ electric transfer cart is powered by the cable drum, that is, the transfer cart is powered by retracting the AC 380V cable through the winding device on the electric flat cart. The winding device is placed under the flat car, and the power supply is directly controlled by the AC control system to start, stop, move forward, and move backward, etc. of the motor. The operating system is controlled by a low-voltage 36V power supply. When its running distance exceeds 50m, it is necessary to add a cable winder to assist winding. The maximum running distance can reach 200m.

In addition, our electric transfer cart can be equipped with a hydraulic lifting system to realize the lifting of the table.

Electric Transfer Cart For Sale
Aicrane Electric Transfer Cart

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