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10 Ton Battery Transfer Carts for Granite Slabs Were Shipped to The US

Aicrane 10 ton battery transfer carts for granite slabs were shipped to the US. The battery transfer carts will be used to transfer granite slabs in the factory, and they are operated by remote control.

10 Ton Battery Transfer Carts to The US
10 Ton Battery Transfer Carts to The US

10 Ton Transfer Cart For Granite Slabs
10 Ton Transfer Cart For Granite Slabs

Battery Transfer Cart For Transporting Stone Slabs
Battery Transfer Cart For Transporting Stone Slabs

FAQs About The US 10 Ton Battery Transfer Carts

What Does The Customer Do?

The customer company has been importing beautiful and unique natural stone slabs, tiles, mosaics and decorative stones in the United States, so they need transfer carts to transport the stone slabs in their factories.

Why Did The Customer Choose Battery Transfer Carts?

  • The running distance of the battery transfer cart 10 ton is not limited, and the requirements for track laying are not high, and it is suitable for various transportation occasions.
  • The transfer cart DC motor has the advantages of stable starting, large starting torque, small impact on the reducer, low voltage and long service life.
  • The battery transfer cart has excellent safety and flexibility.

Note: the battery needs regular maintenance, and the use time is limited.

Does Aicrane Offer Custom Design And Manufacturing?

Yes, we can provide custom designs according to customer’s operating conditions and applications:

  • The load capacity, table size, rail inner distance, etc., of the battery transfer cart can be designed and manufactured according to customer needs.
  • Wireless remote control is available as optional.
  • Optional devices such as automatic stop and limit device are available.
  • A hydraulic lifting system can be installed on the battery transfer cart.

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