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Installation of 1.5 Ton Jib Cranes in Mexico

1.5 ton jib cranes are installed in our customer’s processing workshop in Mexico. These cranes are Aicrane’s AQ-BX wall mounted jib cranes and AQ-BZ free standing jib cranes. The cantilever of the crane is 5m. These two different types of jib cranes adapt to different working conditions and have their own advantages: AQ-BX is wall mounted for greater convenience, and AQ-BZ is floor mounted for strength and stability.

1.5 Ton Jib Crane for Sale Mexico
1.5 Ton Jib Crane in Mexico

Packaging And Shipping of Jib Cranes to Mexico

We have a professional shipping department to assist customers in transportation.

For packaging, customers can also rest assured. The steel structure parts of our products are generally packaged with plastic film to protect against rain.

Electrical and other smaller parts are packed in standard export-use fumigation-free wooden boxes or plywood boxes, and reinforced with iron nails or steel plates to prevent damage in the event of a collision.

Jib Crane Mexico
Crane Jib

Jib Crane Supplier Mexico
Jib Crane for Sale Mexico

Electric Wire Rope Hoist Mexico
Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Electrical Box
Electrical Box

Installation of The Jib Cranes in Mexico

To help the Mexican customer with the jib cranes installation, we provided installation video, instruction manual, detailed electrical drawing, foundation drawing, and 24-hour online installation instructions.

Under the guidance of our after-sales service engineers, the installation and commissioning of the jib cranes Mexico went very smoothly. The customer also expressed his satisfaction with our products and service.

Foundation Drawing
Foundation Drawing

Different Uses of The Two Types of Jib Cranes

  • AQ-BX series is a wall mounted jib crane that installs the crane jib on the wall or building column to realize the movement of heavy objects within a range of 180 degrees. It can be equipped with various types of electric hoists: electric chain hoists, wire rope hoists, etc. The wall mounted jib crane can make full use of the workshop space, save the floor space and make the operation more flexible.
  • AQ-BZ series is a floor mounted jib crane that can operate freely in three-dimensional space, especially in the occasion of short-distance and intensive hoisting, it can show its unique advantages over conventional hoisting equipment. The AQ-BZ jib crane can be equipped with electric wire rope hoist or chain hoist, and the maximum rotation angle can reach 270 degrees.

AQ-BX Jib Crane for Sale
AQ-BX Jib Crane

AQ-BZ Jib Crane Supplier
AQ-BZ Jib Crane

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