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0.5T Jib Cranes Were Installed in New Zealand

Two AQ-BX 0.5 ton jib cranes are installed in the repair shop in New Zealand. These jib cranes are used for handling machine parts. The wall mounted jib crane can operate freely in three-dimensional space, especially suitable for the occasion of short-distance and intensive lifting.

Installation of 0.5 Ton Jib Cranes NZ
Installation of 0.5 Ton Jib Cranes NZ

Features of AQ-BX Jib Crane NZ

1. The cantilever is fixed on the wall or concrete column and can be rotated according to user needs.

2. The slewing part is divided into manual slewing and electric slewing.

3. The electric chain hoist is installed on the cantilever track for lifting heavy objects. We also have integrated a variety of high-quality electric hoists at home and abroad for your choice.

4. The wall mounted jib crane has the advantages of convenient operation, flexible rotation, light weight, flexible load movement, etc.

Jib Crane for Sale New Zealand
Jib Crane in New Zealand

Jib Crane for Sale NZ
Jib Crane NZ

Applications of AQ-BX Wall Mounted Jib Crane

AQ-BX jib cranes are widely used in factories, mines, workshops, production lines, assembly lines, warehouses, etc. to lift various items.

The wall mounted jib crane can be directly installed on the profiled steel, concrete column, wall, etc., according to the existing conditions of the workshop. Without occupying floor space, it is more economical while having all the functional characteristics of the column mounted jib crane.

If the pilasters in the workplace can be used, and the lifting working radius is close to the pilasters, it is more economical for users to choose a wall-mounted jib crane.

Contact Us for the Latest Jib Crane Price New Zealand

If you are looking for the latest jib crane prices NZ, please feel free to contact Aicrane, and provide some basic information about the crane you need, so that we can recommend the right crane and offer you an accurate price.

Listed below are some information you need to confirm:

– The type of jib crane you need

– Load capacity

– Valid radius

– Lifting height

– How many hours will the crane work per day? How many times per hour?

– Electric Power supply: 3 phase 380V 50Hz?

– What kind of material will the crane lift?

After receiving your inquiry, we will arrange the staff responsible for your country’s business to contact you and provide you with professional services!

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