There are single girder overhead cranes, double girder overhead cranes, top running overhead cranes, underhung cranes available for your industry. Contact us to buy the right crane for your application.

LD Overhead Crane
LD Single Girder Overhead Crane
1-25t capacity, simple structure, reasonable cost, easy installation and maintenance

HD Overhead Crane
HD European Standard Overhead Crane
1-20t capacity, high performance, optimized structure, low noise

QD Overhead Crane
QD Double Girder Overhead Crane
5-450t capacity, high work efficiency, custom design

LH Overhead Crane
LH Hoist Double Girder Overhead Crane
5-50t capacity, simple structure, reliable performance

Gantry crane models: MH single girder gantry crane, BMH semi gantry crane, MG double girder gantry crane, BMG semi gantry crane, RMG crane, etc. We are committed to providing customers with the best possible crane solutions for their business.
MH Single Girder Gantry Crane
3-20t capacity, span 8-35m, lifting height 6-18m, simple structure, easy installation and maintenance
NMH European Gantry Crane
European FEM standard, high performance, optimized design, better appearance, long service life
MG Double Girder Crane
5-500t capacity, large load capacity, high work efficiency and durability, wide applications
Mobile Gantry Crane
Widely used in road and bridge construction projects, flexible movement, reliable performance

Reliable construction winch machines for lifting and pulling heavy loads or materials: JM winch, JK winch, JKL winch, JMM winch, JKD winch, etc.

JM Winch
Up to 200 tons capacity, slow-speed operation, suitable for civil construction and installation projects

JK Winch
Mainly used for material lifting in construction and as the main lifting mechanism on cranes

JKL Winch
ideal for vertical lifting of various materials in construction

JMM Winch
Constant wire rope speed, stable lifting, suitable for long-distance traction and large-stroke hoisting of various heavy loads

Anchor Winch
Anchor Winch
Electric or hydraulic, anchor chain wheel windlass and wire rope windlass for you to choose.
Mooring Winch
Mooring Winch
Electric or hydraulic, line speed 10m/min
Towing Winch
Towing Winch
Electric or hydraulic, large load capacity
A small winch used on the deck or shore for mooring and anchoring. The speed can be single speed, double speed or three speed.
Boat travel lift is designed for lifting and transporting various boats and yachts.
The load capacity ranges from 10 tons to 1200 tons. We can custom design the boat lift according to your requirements.

Quality products, competitive price and full range of after-sales service

Jib Crane
Jib crane produced by our factory is available in mutiple types, including pillar mounted jib crane, wall mounted jib crane and wall travelling jib crane, etc.

Electric Hoist
Supply various types of electric hoists: CD, MD wire rope hoist, electric chain hoist, European standard electric hoist, HB explosion-proof hoist, etc.

Steel Structure
Supply steel structure with overhead cranes, steel structure shed, steel structure workshop, etc.


Aicrane is a leading manufacturer and supplier of crane equipment, integrating crane design, manufacturing, sales, installation and service. The company has a strict and complete product control system and after-sales service system, providing customers with program design, product supply, installation and after-sales service, so that customers can truly enjoy high-quality services without worries. The professional after-sales service team can meet the customer’s service needs such as installation, commissioning, user training, technical consultation, etc., and there are special personnel responsible for customer return visits after the service.
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Spare parts service
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