NLH European Standard Double Beam Overhead Crane for Sale

Overhead Cranes

Overhead crane is a kind of lifting equipment in the overhead type crane. It is also called overhead traveling crane or bridge crane. Classified by structure, it has single girder overhead traveling cranes, double girder overhead cranes, and multi-girder overhead cranes. This kind of bridge crane is widely applied in warehouses, workshops, and workstations, outdoor and indoor rooms. Combined with electric hoists, hooks, or grabs, the bridge crane can be used in a more severe working environment with pretty high performance.

NLH Overhead Traveling Bridge Cranes
NLH Overhead Traveling Bridge Cranes

Ellsen as a reliable crane machinery supplier has exported different sorts of overhead traveling cranes to many foreign markets, such as America, Europe, Africa, etc. With dedicated service and responsibilities for our clients, we have won acknowledgments from them.

Graphics of Casting Bridge Crane
Graphics of Casting Bridge Crane

To meet customers’ specific demands on such kind of overhead crane, our expert team also provide bridge crane plans for them. So, we can also provide you with our best-customized bridge crane at a low price. In Ellsen, there are generally three kinds of overhead cranes classified by working environment, sale volumes and usage.

European Overhead Cranes for Sale
European Overhead Cranes for Sale

Ellsen Bridge Crane for Specific Working Conditions

280 Ton Steel Mill Casting Bridge Crane for Sale

Low price casting bridge crane

Ellsen casting bridge crane is fit for founder industry in lifting heavy load materials. This kind of casting crane is ...
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20t Double Girder Explosion Proof Overhead Crane with Hook

Explosion proof factory crane

Searching for explosion proof bridge crane for factory suppliers, Ellsen, located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province would be your first choice ...
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double girder explosion proof overhead crane for sale

Coal mine explosion-proof crane

Best Explosion Proof Cranes for Your Coal Mine In this page of the steel mill website, we will provide you a ...
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QC Electromagnetic Overhead Crane for Sale

Electromagnetic overhead crane

Brand New  Electromagnetic Double Girder Overhead Cranes for Your Steel Mill Electromagnetic double girder overhead crane is critical for your steel ...
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Hot Sale Ellsen Overhead Cranes

Overhead Crane Double Trolleys for Sale

Warehouse trolley double girder overhead crane

Ellsen Company provides the warehouse trolley double girder overhead crane for customers to enhance their working efficiency. The travelling systems ...
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Ellsen 5 ton low clearance bridge cranes

Ellsen Low clearance bridge crane

Efficiency and low-cost are paramount in today’s industrial word. In your steel mill, warehouse or workshop, maybe you are confronted with ...
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Ellsen Workshop Hoist Double Girder Bridge Crane for Sale

Workshop hoist double girder bridge crane

What specifications shall you not miss the multifunctional workshop hoist double girder bridge crane? In need of a workshop hoist ...
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Workshop QZ Double Grider Overhead Crane with Grab

Workshop grab bridge crane

The workshop grab double girder bridge crane belongs to the series products of classic cranes: Ellsen has advanced processing and ...
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Ellsen General Overhead Travelling Cranes

16 Ton Low Level Slewing Overhead Crane with Carrier Beam for Sale

low price low level slewing overhead crane with carrier-beam

Ellsen slewing crane for sale Are you in need of a low price low level slewing overhead crane with carrier-beam? ...
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Overhead travelling cranes for sale

Girder Overhead Travelling Cranes

The series of Ellsen Overhead Travelling Cranes include double girder overhead traveling cranes and single girder overhead traveling cranes. The ...
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20t Ellsen QZ Double Girder Grab Crane

Double Girder Grab Crane

QZ double girder overhead crane with grab is widely used in the workstations or the warehouses of the metallurgic industry, ...
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Ellsen QD Double Girder Overhead Crane with Hook for Sale

Workshop hook overhead crane

Are you searching for a workshop hook double girder overhead crane? An efficient work results from a sensible choice in ...
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