Industrial Cranes

Ellsen Industrial Cranes for Sale

Ellsen Brnd 5 ton semi hoist gantry crane for sale

Semi Gantry Crane

The semi gantry crane is composed of a bridge, a cart running mechanism, a trolley running mechanism and a hoisting ...
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Ellsen Hot Sale U Type Double Girder Gantry Crane

U type double girder gantry crane

Are you searching for a U type double girder gantry crane? Are you looking for an appropriate U type double ...
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280 Ton Steel Mill Casting Bridge Crane for Sale

Charging Crane

Charging crane is fit for founder industry in lifting heavy load materials. This kind of casting crane is into with ...
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16 Ton Low Level Slewing Overhead Crane with Carrier Beam for Sale

low price low level slewing overhead crane with carrier-beam

Ellsen slewing crane for sale Are you in need of a low price low level slewing overhead crane with carrier-beam? ...
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Hot Metal Ladle Crane for Sale

Steel Mill Ladle Crane

what is a ladle crane Steel Mill Ladle Crane is one of the dedicated heavy duty cranes among many series ...
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QC Electromagnetic Overhead Crane for Sale

Magnetic Overhead Crane

Magnetic overhead crane is critical for your steel mill working efficiency. Ellsen provides the customized electromagnetic bridge crane with carrier ...
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Ellsen QC electromagnetic overhead crane

Over length electromagnetic crane

Why you need an electromagnetic crane with optimized structures? An appropriate electromagnetic crane with optimized parameters in remote control, operation, ...
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Explosion proof bridge cranes

High-performance  explosion proof cranes with competitive price Welcome to explosion proof cranes, a customized product division of Ellsen Company. It is ...
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ellsen scrap handling cranes-for-steel-mill

Scrap Handling Cranes

What specialized specifications do you need to know about the Dedicated Scrap Handling Cranes? Scrap handling cranes are also named ...
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high level performance ellsen-tundish-crane

Tundish Handling Cranes

How to select proper tundish cranes to decrease your operational cost, to achieve energy-saving and emission reduction? Steel mill working ...
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dedicated ellsen steel mill crane

Steel mill cranes

Who Are We? Get to Know Us in a Cup of Coffee's Time Steel mill cranes mainly refer to gantry ...
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ellsen featured billet handling cranes

Billet Lifting Tongs

Any persuasive information that drives you to purchase one high-performance billet lifting tongs at low cost? Here, Come to join Ellsen, ...
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