Hot Metal Ladle Crane for Sale

Ellsen Steel Mill Ladle Crane for Sale

Steel Mill Ladle Crane is one of a dedicated heavy duty cranes among many series of Ellsen Crane products. Here in Ellsen, we provide the steel mill ladle cranes with the tons of 100 to 500. Such capacity design takes serious consideration into the sizes and scales of our customers’ steel mills or warehouses. According to the specific requirements of our customers, we provide a different kind of steel mill ladle crane products.

steel mill ladle crane for sale
steel mill ladle crane for sale

There are generally four kinds of steel mill ladle cranes in Ellsen: Double girder-two rail ladle crane, double girder –four rail ladle crane, four girder-four rail ladle crane and four girder –six rail ladle crane. The double girder two-rail ladle crane and double the four girders four rail ladle crane are designed for lifting lighter materials. Theses kind of girder ladle cranes is economic and durable and simple to maintain.

Technique Highlight of Ellsen Steel Mill Ladle Crane You Shall Not Miss

  • Ellsen rectification & regeneration multi-drive solution.
  • Cutting-edge S120 drive platform.
  • Modularized software function design.
  • User-friendly CMS monitor and management system.
  • Specialized engineer group can satisfy customer’s requirements to optimize solutions, project design, and commission and after-sale service.

Continuing innovation techniques ensure Ellsen a leading role in the crane research and development industry.

Steel Mill Use Casting Double Girder Overhead Crane
Steel Mill Use Casting Double Girder Overhead Crane

What Profits can our customers get through the dedicated Ellsen steel mill ladle crane?

  • Standardized modules diminish the variety of parts.
  • Plummeting the test and repair lead time of system breakdown.
  • Competent error location and detection.
  • Immediate and expedient site repair of security modules.
  • Enhanced safety idea.

Bringing convenience to our customers, promoting their working efficiency and decreasing your costs is our long commitment in the crane industry.

Hot Metal Ladle Crane for Sale
Hot Metal Ladle Crane for Sale

Smart and Cutting-edge features of the Ellsen Steel Mill Ladle Crane

Its cabin has toughened glass for protection against splashing, hot material.Well-insulated, air-conditioned, sound-proofed, protected against vibration. The operator can enjoy comfortable operational conditions in the ladle crane, enhancing the safety and comfortability of the crane.

Steel Mill Ladle Electrical Room is pressurized and air conditioned for reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions.

  • Backup A/C units ensure continued reliable A/C operation even if a unit is down.
  • Lifting beam is heat shielding and laminated plate hooks.
  • Traveling machinery is divided into two groups for redundancy; in an emergency situation, the crane can be driven with half of the motors.
  • Auxiliary hook is heavy-duty and specially designed for ladle pouring and opening scrap bucket bottoms. It can be moved horizontally (option).
  • Auxiliary hoist is standard-duty, used for maintenance activities.
  • Ladle Cranes Motor Supplier: Siemens
Ellsen Steel Mill Ladle Cranes for Sale
Ellsen Steel Mill Ladle Cranes for Sale

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With the above cutting-edge features, Ellsen steel mill ladle crane always wins recognition of our customers. Any needs in such steel mill ladle cranes in the series of steel mill cranes series products, please get in touch with our service expert team.

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