Ellsen QC electromagnetic overhead crane

Optimised over length electromagnetic bridge crane with carrier beam

Why you need an electromagnetic bridge cranes with optimised structures?

An appropriate electromagnetic bridge crane with optimised parameters in remote control, operation, anti swing and safety will be treasure for your steel mill. Embracing leading crane manufacturing technology, Ellsen shall be a useful instructor for you. Safety, efficiency, and energy saving  as manufacturing ideology in our mind, we are your idea partners in your steel mill industry.

Ellsen electromagnetic bridge crane with carrier beam, want to buy buy electromagnetic overhead crane with carrier beam, let us know
Ellsen electromagnetic bridge crane with carrier beam

Higher demands on the over length electromagnetic overhead crane with carrier-beam: In recent years, there is surging demand for electromagnetic in metallurgical industry. Equipped with an optimised structure and configuration of electromagnetic bridge is paramount in improving your steel mill productivity. Most recent this kind of cranes have common problems in their own heavy weight, big sizes of its upper limits, rotating trolley is large power consuming, difficult to manufacture. And with poor safety. The product that Ellsen provide to you is with optimised structures. It is different with the most part of cranes right now.

Problems of Traditional Electromagnetic Overhead Crane with Carrier Beams

At the moment, most bridge crane suppliers provide over length electromagnetic overhead crane with carrier beam with carrier-beam with upper slewing gears.That is because it can be facilitate for the electric magnetic chuck to make horizontal rotation. This design comes the following problems:

Ellsen Overhead Crane with Magnet for Sale
Ellsen Overhead Crane with Magnet for Sale

  • Heavy dead-weight. If you have ever met the traditional electromagnetic bridge cranes before, you will find such short-comes, which will decrease its work efficiency and increase costs. It is because a heavy dead-weight electromagnetic bridge crane have higher requirements for your work shop in pressure bearing. It also increases your costs in such expensive devices.
  • The electromagnetic crane is very large in height and upper limiter seizes, so it needs your steel workshop must meets its height and seizes. In such senses, it also increases your workshop costs.
  • Large power consuming. The rotating system one starts, it needs a high power electric motor.
  • Poor safety. Such design is poor in anti-swing, which may causes the upper trolley could offset its track.
  • Difficult to maintain. It is very hard to maintain such complex structural design of the crane.


What is new for Ellsen Electromagnetic bridge crane?

  • A wide Cabin.The electromagnetic bridge cranes is used for transporting steel materials, such as billets. So it needs its cabin should be equipped with a clear sights for the operator.
  • Low power consuming. It adopts double reduction boxes and double electric motors which reduces the power consuming in a large degree.
  • Anti-swing structure. Air conditioners are installed at both ends of the cabin, which balance the operation of the crane and provide comfortable sound operational environments for operators.
  • Leading wireless remote control system. Ellsen realises the technical breakthrough of the Electromagnetic bridge crane in its operation. It can be operated both inside the cabin and outside the cabin.Such control system, has automatic self diagnosis function, which could improve the safety of the crane.
Ellsen low price electromagnetic overhead crane with carrier beam
Ellsen low price electromagnetic overhead crane with carrier beam

Systematic services provided by Ellsen

  • On-site Crane installation. Professional installation expertise will turn up  for onsite installation in our customer's workshop. Then, they will give instructions and training courses for your crane operator. Buy which means we will make sure the  crane products are totally at your convenience
  • Customised crane project design. To meet your specific needs in your workshop, we aim to provide the right electromagnetic crane products at your service. Our expertise will provide you specific crane project plan according to your specific demands in tons, structure, height etc. Thus, our manufactures will tailor bridge crane products for your steel mill.
  •  Serious and professional crane inspection and Maintenance. Ellsen will provide instant and efficient crane inspection and maintenance services with our professional and veteran expertise teams. If you meet any problems, we also would like to provide you any services on your side.
Steel Mill Electromagnetic Bridge Traversing Cab Shipping Crane for Sale over length electromagnetic overhead crane with carrier-beam suppliers
Steel Mill Electromagnetic Bridge Traversing Cab Shipping Crane for Sale

For more steel mill cranes  and services?

Apart from the over length electromagnetic bridge crane,Here in Ellsen, we also provide a series of steel mill cranes products: tundish handling cranes, billet handling cranes, scrap handling cranes, grab handling cranes and dedicated cranes for specific work environments such as explosion proof cranes and so on. In Ellsen, we can also offer you the customized electromagnetic double girder overhead crane

If you need the workshop electromagnetic double girder overhead crane, please get us intouch freely. Any interests in our Electromagnetic bridge cranes, or other steel mill crane products, please keep in touch.

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