10t gantry crane for sale

10t gantry crane for sale manufactured from Ellsen Steel Mill Crane machinery have different types for your industrial applications. There are single girder 10t gantry cranes, double girder ones, 10t mobile gantry cranes, fixed type gantry cranes, any types of gantry cranes you need, any types of cranes we can tailor for you. This kind of 10t capacity gantry crane with higher working classes level, long working hours, customized working spans and smart control systems which will increase your productivity to a large degree.

10t gantry crane single girder for sale
10t gantry crane single girder for sale

Single Girder Gantry Crane Specifications

Span Length: 18~35m
Lifting Height: 6~12m
Lifting Speed: 7.2m/min
Work Duty: A4~A5
Loading Capacity: 10t

Who really uses 10t electric gantry crane?

10t electric gantry crane is a kind of common crane widely applied in many different sorts of working conditions. You may find a stone factory owner use it for his factory stone material handling applications. However, you may also find a grain factory hosts using an electric gantry crane with a grab, grabbing his grains. Anywhere in need of this type of gantry crane or anyone needs a gantry crane, they will have them or rent them. However, how many types of the electric cranes are classified in general? Any in which applications should you have one? Details are as follows:

Gantry cranes with 10t capacity are common lifting equipment widely applicable to many industrial fields. Classified by working conditions, there are gantry cranes for loading and unloading materials, shipbuilding gantry cranes and gantry cranes for constructional installations.

Working fields of the three common gantry cranes

1 loading and unloading portal cranes: mainly used for port and open storage yards, loading and unloading with grabs or hooks. The lifting weight generally does not exceed 25 tons and does not change the amplitude. The work rate is high, so productivity is often an important indicator.
2 Shipbuilding portal cranes: Mainly used for berths, floating docks, and armored sites, for hull splicing, equipment armoring and other lifting operations, using hooks as spreaders. The maximum lifting capacity is 300 tons, and the weight decreases when the amplitude is large. There are multiple lifting speeds, lifting speed can be increased when the weight is light. Some working agencies also have micro-motion devices to meet installation requirements. Larger door heights can accommodate large lifting heights and large-scale operation requirements, but work speeds are low and job productivity is not high.
3 Portal cranes for construction and installation: Mainly used for dam watering of hydropower stations, lifting of equipment and prefabricated parts, etc. Generally, hooks are used. Lifting weight and working speed are generally between the first two types of cranes. It has the characteristics of good transportability of the whole machine, large depth of spreader, and better adaptability to temporary work and works on the trestle.

Portal cranes, gantry cranes for constructional applications, and the shipbuilding gantry cranes are all available to you at factory price level. If you are searching for this kind of gantry cranes, be free contact us.

How Ellsen makes 10t gantry crane a low-cost equipment?

Manufacturing a high-performance gantry crane at low cost is our long commitment to our customers and that is also the reason why we keep investing more in our crane design research and development.
Keeping up with the trending crane design technology: using more smart design and structures
Independent gantry crane manufacturing factory: no third party involvement
Support by country’s policy
Close friendships with the world-known crane companies
All the above aspects are some reasons that Ellsen can provide you a low-cost electric gantry crane. Get to know us more, you will desperately know you choose us is definitely correct.

Top 7 amazing reasons Ellsen 10t electric gantry crane could lift your business

  • Leading crane technology: enable you to run your gantry crane more efficiently than never.
  • Smart design feature: you will find it will be very flexible to do the material handling operations with Ellsen electric gantry crane.
  • Anti-swing design: more stable working environment
  • Smart light and sound alarm system: higher performance for your crane operator.
  • More comfortable crane cabin design
  • Light dead weight and space saving design
  • Noise reduction design

All the above 7 amazing crane design will help your gantry crane work in a higher performance which will lift your business to a large degree.

How did Ellsen electric 10t gantry crane become the best? Find out.

Among so many gantry cranes manufactured by our company, the 10t electric gantry crane is a top sale gantry crane. The majority of our crane clients are generally using this type of gantry cranes in their factories, workstations, ports, etc.

  • High performance but cost not much
  • Higher safety performance
  • One stop service
  • Quick delivery period
  • Long-term crane warranty
  • Customized cranes provided

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